How to get investment as startups

Many of today’s entrepreneurs don’t know hot to attract investments and they don’t know there are more angel investors, VC’s , and investment firms out there than entrepreneurs with a plan to get their money.

But now you know it. And you cannot forget it. It is 100% true. But how to get that money? How to convince these investors? Where are they? What do they want from my business?

First of all, we need to understand how the market works and after that, we need to take action! A plan and action.

In big lines, it’s quite simple. Entrepreneurs find ways to create products and services they think people want or need and create a company to solve a social issue. People will come and pay for their service, and if the entrepreneur brings value to society, society will pay for that!

But an entrepreneur needs more than people and products. They need money to pay rent, marketing, taxes, accountant, building the product they want to sell it’s also a cost, that’s why they need cash to develop their business.

And this is the reason why so many private or public institutions exist. To help these people create more value for society, generate more sales, and of course, invest if they believe that the company will grow. Otherwise, they will not invest, because they need to make more money as well. They have the same business rules. They must generate profit. Otherwise, they’ll go home.

So, create a company that will generate value for society and profit and can be scaled. Investors will give you money when they believe in you, in your ideas, and your values.

If you don’t have this mindset, they won’t invest because they know they will lose their money. It’s simple right?

Ahaaaa…now you understand. It would help if you shaped your mind to be a person who brings value to society.

We will present you the steps you need to follow in order to get investment:

  1. Find a way to bring value to the society
  2. Create a business plan
  3. Find seed investment from family and friends
  4. Create a company, convince other people to join
  5. Find the first costumer
  6. Generate value for your customer
  7. Find more costumers
  8. When your costumers pay you more than your expenses, you have a profitable business
  9. Now it’s the money to ask for money from investors.
  10. Create a pitch deck
  11. Find on Google investors, VC, entrepreneurs groups, startups community, and join. Learn there from others and meet investors
  12. Send your pitch deck to the investors you meet.
  13. Most of them will say no because they don’t understand or believe your ideas, but you need just a small percent of them to say yes.
  14. Get their money and expand your business.
  15. Don’t forget to pay taxes, salaries, to keep a balance between income and expenses and ….scale!
  16. Now it’s time to help other people from the startup groups and community where you are a member. It’s time to help back! Other people are now at the level where you were in the past.
  17. Don’t forget about you! Success comes with good things and bad things. When you help others, you need to remember you need to help yourself too.

When you don’t know how to do something, search for it. For example, you don’t know how to create a business plan. Search on Google….how to create a business plan. You will find a lot of ways. Other people are happy to help you with that information. Or search how to create a pitch deck, probably you are here because you search on Google how to get investment as a startup. That is great! We love helping you.

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