Brex.com , an incredible product, an incredible company

”Credit cards, bank accounts, payments, expenses, and accounting all in one place keep you in control of your growth.” This is how they describe their product. That’s why we decide to work with them. Cogneve is a lead generation company but, we don’t promote any type of product just to make money, we decided to promote Brex.com as they have an amazing product, something that will become a ”must have” in the near future.

Built for the ones who do things differently. Yes, it’s a product for successful entrepreneurs or startups, it’s a product for the best, created by the best.

A little bit of history of this amazing company? ”How the 22-year-old founders of Brex built a billion-dollar business in less than 2 years….” when we read the title in TechCrunch we read again and again because we didn’t understand how this article could be real. But yes, it’s 100% real and the reason it’s simple. There are more ”Mark Zuckerbergs” in the world. They will create the new massive successful companies in the near future. Two of this ”new Zuckerbergs” are Henrique Dubugras and Pedro Franceschi , co-founders at BREX.COM , they build a product that help us manage our bank accounts, credit cards, accounting, payment and expenses, all in one place. So it’s a product that save our time, save our money and give us more time to develop new stuff, or more time with family.

We are more than happy to work with them and we truly recommend you to open an account at: www.brex.com/cogneve , you will get up to 40.000 credits because you are a member of our community ENTREPRENEURS AND STARTUPS.

Wish you all a lovely day! Alex.

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